Our CEO wrote a letter just for YOU!

A dream was realized in July 2008, when we opened our doors to our very first customers who were from Saudi Arabia and Qatar
Our claim to fame is, and continues to be our clean, spacious, friendly and home like atmosphere that is wholesome for individuals, as well as families.

We built the Alexandria Mediterranean Suites building, with the best foundation possible…as the foundation of any home is so important. 
When you stay with us, this is your “home away from home”.
You can count on us to provide you with the best service in the cleanest rooms/apartments/suites.
   That’s a promise!
Your comfort is our goal and our return customers have said that they felt like they were at home in our spacious suites. 
“There’s no better way to live,” is our motto and we truly mean it!!!! 
We offer large living spaces, for those of you who like to have ample room to move about, while staying with us. 
We have furnished each suite with comfortable, western style furniture, so it is ready for you and your needs, while you are on business or vacation. 
We are situated in a residential neighborhood, close to the beach, and anything you may possibly want, is within walking distance from us (banks, supermarkets, parks, restaurants and shops).   
Our aim is to please you and our return customers have said that we have done just that!!!  We look forward to meeting you for the first time, or greeting you as a return guest in our home!!!
CEO, of Alexandria Mediterranean Suites
Raafat Al-Saadani

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